About Us

The Ghadar Alliance is an emerging coalition of  Indian diasporic groups across the United States consisting of various social justice organizations active in the country for several decades. Those engaged with the Ghadar Alliance (first- and second-generation) include organizations that have led various struggles on behalf of immigrant workers, specifically on issues of concern to the Indian-American and wider South Asian community. Some have also worked actively in addressing issues of concern to the broader American immigrant and non-immigrant working class, the women’s movement, sexuality rights struggles, antiwar and antiracist organizing, student organizing, and in innumerable efforts dedicated to the promotion of cultures of tolerance, inclusion, and critical social empowerment in various artistic, literary and educational fronts. Regardless of the wide range of engagements that the alliance represents, we are firmly united in supporting and promoting the struggles for democracy, pluralism and social justice in South Asia . The Ghadar Alliance therefore envisions for itself a historic responsibility to work in solidarity with struggles in South Asia in a manner that evokes the legacy of our inspiring immigrant forebears of the Ghadar (“rebellion”) movement.

At the turn of the twentieth century, Indian expatriates in Northern California and Oregon established the Ghadar Party. Headquartered in San Francisco in 1913, the Ghadar Party comprised of a diverse group of Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh migrants that were predominantly farmers and working class peoples from the Indian subcontinent.  While engaged in emancipatory struggles in solidarity with oppressed peoples in their new homeland they simultaneously ignited a process of fighting a people-oriented nationalist struggle against British occupation of India from the shores of California all the way to Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2014, just over 100 years later, the Ghadar Alliance has formed to wage a similar struggle in support of diverse people’s movements in India to keep alive the commitment our Ghadar forbearers lived and died for – a self-determined pluralistic and secular India for all its people.

The first campaign we’ve picked is positioned within ongoing struggle(s) against majoritarianism, particularly in the context that has led to the election of Narendra Modi as India’s 15th Prime Minister.

contact: ghadaralliance@gmail.com